Good Bye Nigeria; Hello US

11 May

3 Rupprecht Update May


I would rather be saying ‘Auf Wiedersehn’ instead of ‘Good Bye’

16 Apr

It is very hard to say ‘good bye’. Had our last ‘fufu and soup’ dinner with our good friends Clement and Mary (and my namesake Eddie) this evening. After worship tomorrow, we are with friends Fred and Tina and then on to our friends at the Christian Assoc of Nigeria in Ogoja. Along the way we will pick up the newly printed Bokyi Transfer Primer, check the Yala Transfer Primer and drop off a copy of the Ukele Order of Worship. Monday at home for a Yala church send off, Tuesday we leave Ogoja. By the 29th we will be back in the US. Wow. What a whirlwind. God is good!

Easter Happenings

4 Apr

Easter 2011Six years is a long time. On the other hand, depending on the perspective, it can be a very short time. It seemed like forever, back in 2005, shortly after arriving in Nigeria and after our horrific car accident. Now that we are at the end of that period, we wonder where the time went. Especially since such very interesting and good stuff is happening—right now!

Lots of pics from our last couple exciting months! Our own version of March Madness!

27 Mar

3 Rupprecht Update March

Farewell Trip to South Nigeria

28 Feb

Just back from a weekend trip to Calabar. Our ‘Farewell’ trip to the South. We worshipped with our ‘house help’, Rev. Matthew Okata, all grown up and now the Bishop of the Calabar Zone! What a blessing to be able to sit at his feet.

Visited good Ukele friends, then on to the Church President to say our farewells, were blessed to also see two other former Presidents and other leaders. Very emotional. Very caring people.

It will be hard to leave Nigeria and this church after 24 years (in all) of ministry. We leave in two months.

We won’t miss the long trip and roads… OR the mosquitoes…

February Prayer and News Update

23 Feb

2 Rupprecht Update February

Not too late–Our Christmas Message

11 Jan

Christmas NewsNever too late. Enjoy the Christmas message once again. The year in review and in pictures.